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Many of our pillar candle instructions indicate the wicking of a mold using a Jiffy Wicker. If you donít know how to use a Jiffy Wicker to wick a mold, these instructions will explain it. After you have done it once or twice, it will be a snap!

PLEASE NOTE: Jiffy Wickers only work with candle molds which have a wick hole in the bottom.

Wicking your Mold with a Jiffy Wicker

You will a length of wick and a Jiffy Wicker to do this.

To start, take a 20Ē length of wick (longer or shorter depending on the height of the candle mold), and tie a slip knot at one end. (Here is an invaluable guide for how to tie a slip knot from a knitting website.). After you have made the slip not, follow these steps:

  1. Thread the unknotted end of the wick through the metal washer, and pull it through until the washer is resting against the knot.
  2. Poke a hole in the center of the rubber gasket with a large needle or craft knife. Thread the unknotted end of the wick through the rubber gasket, and pull it through until the gasket is resting against the metal washer.
  3. Thread the unknotted end of the wick through the wick hole in the bottom of the mold, and pull up through the center of the mold to the top of the mold. Keep pulling until gasket end of the wick is snuggly pressed against the bottom of the mold. The point here is to create a seal between the rubber gasket and the mold, so that liquid wax will not seep out through the bottom of your mold.
  4. Take the metal jiffy wicker bar and thread the wick through it. Pull the wick taut, so that wax cannot seep out, but not so tight that the wick is stretched out of shape or distorted.
  5. Now draw the wick into the notch at one end of the jiffy wicker bar. Wrap the wick once around the bar, then underneath the wick threaded along the length of the wick bar, as shown, to create a solid knot.

Your mold is now wicked.

Removing the Jiffy Wicker

To remove the candle from the mold, you will need to un-do the jiffy wicker. To do this, pull on the slip knot on the bottom of the mold, beneath the jiffy wicker metal washer and rubber washer. The knot should pull out of the wick. Slip the metal washer and the rubber gasket off of the wick.

Next, untie the wick at the top of the candle from the jiffy wicker bar, and slide the jiffy wicker bar off of the wick.

Now your candle is free at both ends, and is un-Jiffy Wicked.

After you have removed the jiffy wicker from both ends of the candle, you can remove it from the mold.

Jiffy Wicker Refills

You can buy jiffy wicker refills which include just the rubber gaskets and metal washers, which wear out faster than the wicker bars.


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