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Wholesale Candles Store offers candles, candle holders, supplies, candke making kits.

Get ring with candle!

Welcome to our wholesale candle store. We have thousands of items for you to choose from. We offer wide selection of candle related products. We carefully choose best online suppliers of OLED candles.
These battery operated led candles with timer are highest quality available online.
We offer a great selection of scented and unscented taper candles, jar candles, votive candles, floating, tealight and aromatherapy candles, as well as candle accessories.
Candles and accessories such as holders, floating and birthday as well as candle making information are available at our site.


Beginning Lessons:

Recycling Candles
Votive Candles
Marble Dip Pillars
Tealight Candles
Pillar Instructions
Container Candles
Rolled Beeswax
Breaking Wax

Intermediate Lessons:

Rustic Pillars
Layered Pillars
Dipped Tapers
Twisted Tapers
Molded Tapers
Chunk Pillars
Ball and Sphere

Advanced Lessons:

Crystal Overdip
Sand Candles
Primitive Pillars
Snowman Candle
Floating Flower
Sundae Candle
Chocolate Molds
Novelty Candles
Multicolor Layers
Mottled Effect
3-Wick Pillars
Dipped Animals
Pinecone Starters
Hurricane Candles
Embedded Photos
Starburst Effect
Holiday Candles


Wick Selection
Jiffy Wicker
Wax Chunks
Tabbing a Wick
Wax Calculator